Please join us on July 29th from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in downtown Waynesburg as we celebrate the 143rd observance of Rain Day.

To view the 2015 Rain Day Festival Results, click here.

2016 Rain Day Sponsors:

Rain All Day “ Band Sponsor” – EQT Corporation

Partly Cloudy “Children’s Activity Sponsor”—
This Package is Still Available
. Contact 724-627-8111 for more information.

Mascot Package "Wayne Drop" - Lola Energy

Misty Package "Baby Rain Day Sponsor" - First Energy Foundation

Thunderstorm “Umbrella Contest”— PA Leadership Charter School

The Rainbow Package “Jack McCracken Award” –
Washington Health System

Bright Sunny Day Package “Window Decorating Sponsor” –
Mackin Engineering Company

Drizzle Package”Company K Salute” Sponsor –
Venture Energy Solutions LLC

Sprinkle Package “Petting Zoo Sponsor”- EQT Corporation

Pitter – Patter “Tent Sponsor”- First Federal Savings and Loan of Greene County

Electric Box Sponsors:
County of Greene
First Federal Savings and Loan of Greene County
Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency

2016 Sponsorship Application

The 2016 Rain Day Booth Vendor Application

2016 Baby Rain Day Application

2016 Window Decorating Contest Application


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