Official List of Rain Day Hat Bettors

1939- Al Abrams, Sportswriter*
1940- No Record*
1941- Chester Smith, Sportswriter*
1942- No Record*
1943- No Record*
1944- Whitney Martin, Correspondent*
1945- Harry Keck, Football Coach*
1946- Jack Dempsey, Boxing Champ
1947- Bing Crosby, Singer/Actor*
1948- Bob Hope, Comedian/Actor*
1949- Vince Johnson, Correspondent
1950- Eddie Clover, Magician
1951- Captain Roach, Harrisburg
1952- Tex Litman, Restaurateur*
1953- Tex Litman, Restaurateur
1954- Bill Corum, Midwest Newspaper Reporter
1955- Bob Prince, Sportscaster
1956- Dr. William McClellan, Coroner
1957- Bob Considine, Sportswriter
1958- Major Don Johnston, Air Guard*
1959- Karl Ide, TV Newsman*
1960- Three Stooges, Comedians/Actors
1961- Eleanor Shano, Weather Reporter*
1962- Eleanor Shano, Weather Reporter*
1963- Cassius Clay, Boxing Champ*
1964- Arnold Palmer, Golf Pro/Champ*
1965- John Charles Daily, Tv Moderator*
1966- Punxsutawney Phil, Weather Prognosticator*
1967- Del Miller, Harness Racer*
1968- Linda Richards, Tv News Reporter*
1969- Paul Long, Tv News Reporter*
1970- Red Donley, Sports Reporter*
1971- Jack Bogut, Disc Jockey*
1972- Al Abrams, Sports*
1973- Bill Curry, Tv Sports Reporter*
1974- Jack Fleming, Tv Sports Reporter*
1975- Bob Kudzma, Tv Weatherman*
1976- Myron Cope, Sports Reporter*
1977- Johnny Carson, Tonight Show Host*
1978- Bob Kudzma, Tv Weatherman*
1979- Lou Brock, Baseball Star*
1980- Bill & Patty Burns, Tv News*
1981- Joe DeNardo, Tv Weatherman*
1982- Myron Cope, Sports Reporter
1983- Willard Scott, NBC Weatherman
1984- Franco Harris, Pittsburgh Steeler
1985- Willard Scott, NBC Weatherman
1986- Rick Woods, Pittsburgh Steeler*
1987- Harry Anderson, Actor
1988- Sally Wiggin, WTAE TV Co-anchor & Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguin
1989- Dennis Bowman, WPXI Weatherman & Hank WIlliams Jr. , Country Western Star
Side Bet-Jan Loughman, KDKA Weathermen
1990- Andy Van Slyke, Pittsburgh Pirate
1991- Sophie Masloff, Mayor of Pittsburgh*
1992- City of Niceville, Florida*
1993- Mason City, Iowa*
1994- Mike Love, Beachboys*
1995- Jaromir Jagr, Pittsburgh Penguin*
1996- Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboy*
1997- Fran Drescher, Actress
1998- Jay Leno, Tonight Show Host*
1999- B94, RM Radio*
2000- Mr. Rogers & Mr. McFeely*
2001- Dixie Chicks, Country Singers*
2002- Sara Rush & Kent Tekulve, Pittsburgh Pirate*
2003- Chubby Checker, Singer
2004- Will Ferrell, Comedian/Actor
2005- Donald Trump, Taj Mahal Casino Owner*
2006- Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steeler
2007- William Sanderson, Actor*
2008 - Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh
2009 - Miss America Katie Stam*
2010 - Annise D. Parker, Mayor of Houston Texas*
2011 - Josh Koscheck, UFC Fighter*
2012 - Brett Keisel, Pittsburgh Steelers
2013 - Coleman Scott, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist*
2014 - Patricia Heaton, Actress *
2015 - Robert Rohanna/Rachel Rohanna
2016 - The Rainmaker of Punxsutawney Phil & the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle &
West Greene Lady Pioneers “WPIAL Champs & PIAA State Runner-ups
2017 - Bob Huggins-West Virginia University Men’s Head Basketball coach*

Some hats received are on display at the Waynesburg Borough Office, However the Special Events is hoping to display these hats in the Rain Day Room at the Greene County Museum in the Spring of 2009.

* Designates a rain year.

In the Early 1980’s hats were auctioned to raise funds for the start of a Hospice Program in Greene County. The Special Events is asking anyone who may want these hats displayed or willing to submit photographs to contact Athena Bowman at (724)627-8111.


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