Official List of Rain Day Hat Bettors

1939- Al Abrams, Sportswriter*
1940- No Record*
1941- Chester Smith, Sportswriter*
1942- No Record*
1943- No Record*
1944- Whitney Martin, Correspondent*
1945- Harry Keck, Football Coach*
1946- Jack Dempsey, Boxing Champ
1947- Bing Crosby, Singer/Actor*
1948- Bob Hope, Comedian/Actor*
1949- Vince Johnson, Correspondent
1950- Eddie Clover, Magician
1951- Captain Roach, Harrisburg
1952- Tex Litman, Restaurateur*
1953- Tex Litman, Restaurateur
1954- Bill Corum, Midwest Newspaper Reporter
1955- Bob Prince, Sportscaster
1956- Dr. William McClellan, Coroner
1957- Bob Considine, Sportswriter
1958- Major Don Johnston, Air Guard*
1959- Karl Ide, TV Newsman*
1960- Three Stooges, Comedians/Actors
1961- Eleanor Shano, Weather Reporter*
1962- Eleanor Shano, Weather Reporter*
1963- Cassius Clay, Boxing Champ*
1964- Arnold Palmer, Golf Pro/Champ*
1965- John Charles Daily, Tv Moderator*
1966- Punxsutawney Phil, Weather Prognosticator*
1967- Del Miller, Harness Racer*
1968- Linda Richards, Tv News Reporter*
1969- Paul Long, Tv News Reporter*
1970- Red Donley, Sports Reporter*
1971- Jack Bogut, Disc Jockey*
1972- Al Abrams, Sports*
1973- Bill Curry, Tv Sports Reporter*
1974- Jack Fleming, Tv Sports Reporter*
1975- Bob Kudzma, Tv Weatherman*
1976- Myron Cope, Sports Reporter*
1977- Johnny Carson, Tonight Show Host*
1978- Bob Kudzma, Tv Weatherman*
1979- Lou Brock, Baseball Star*
1980- Bill & Patty Burns, Tv News*
1981- Joe DeNardo, Tv Weatherman*
1982- Myron Cope, Sports Reporter
1983- Tom Kite, Golfer
1984- Franco Harris, Pittsburgh Steeler
1985- Willard Scott, NBC Weatherman
1986- Rick Woods, Pittsburgh Steeler*
1987- Harry Anderson, Actor
1988- Sally Wiggin, WTAE TV Co-anchor & Mario Lemieux, Pittsburgh Penguin
1989- Dennis Bowman, WPXI Weatherman & Hank WIlliams Jr. , Country Western Star
Side Bet-Jan Loughman, KDKA Weathermen
1990- Andy Van Slyke, Pittsburgh Pirate
1991- Sophie Masloff, Mayor of Pittsburgh*
1992- City of Niceville, Florida*
1993- Mason City, Iowa*
1994- Mike Love, Beachboys*
1995- Jaromir Jagr, Pittsburgh Penguin*
1996- Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboy*
1997- Fran Drescher, Actress
1998- Jay Leno, Tonight Show Host*
1999- B94, RM Radio*
2000- Mr. Rogers & Mr. McFeely*
2001- Dixie Chicks, Country Singers*
2002- Sara Rush & Kent Tekulve, Pittsburgh Pirate*
2003- Chubby Checker, Singer
2004- Will Ferrell, Comedian/Actor
2005- Donald Trump, Taj Mahal Casino Owner*
2006- Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steeler
2007- William Sanderson, Actor*
2008 - Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh
2009 - Miss America Katie Stam*
2010 - Annise D. Parker, Mayor of Houston Texas*
2011 - Josh Koscheck, UFC Fighter*
2012 - Brett Keisel, Pittsburgh Steelers
2013 - Coleman Scott, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist*
2014 - Patricia Heaton, Actress *
2015 - Robert Rohanna/Rachel Rohanna
2016 - The Rainmaker of Punxsutawney Phil & the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle &
West Greene Lady Pioneers “WPIAL Champs & PIAA State Runner-ups
2017 - Bob Huggins-West Virginia University Men’s Head Basketball coach*

* Designates a rain year.

In the Early 1980’s hats were auctioned to raise funds for the start of a Hospice Program in Greene County. The Special Events is asking anyone who may want these hats displayed or willing to submit photographs to contact Athena Bowman at (724)627-8111.


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