2016 Rain Day Results

Rain Day Window Decorating Contest Winners:
First Prize is $100.00 plus ownership for one year of the coveted Golden Watering Can. Second Prize is $50.00 and the 3rd prize is $25.00. Honorable mention receives a certificate and an official Rain Day Hat.

1st Place: Ruff Creek Crafts & Antiques

2nd Place: 5 Kidz Kandy

3rd Place:Artbeat

Honorable Mention: McMillen Photography         

Jack McCracken Award:
Sister Audrey Quinn & Sister Sue Fazzini

Best Decorated Baby Rain Day Can
Winner receives A $25.00 CASH PRIZE
Aaron Renner

2016 Baby Rain Day Contestants Winners
Winners will receive a $100.00 CASH PRIZE, crown or tiara, title banner, and special gifts and the honor of representing Rain Day through out the coming year.

Prince: Cale John-Vester Hugo
Parents are Shayna Hugo and John Seamon of Waynesburg

Princess: Kaylee Rose Scott
Parents are Brittany & Zachary Scott of Graysville, PA

King: Aaron Renner
Parents are Meghan & Jason Renner of Crucible, PA

Queen: Bexley Humble
Parents are Jess & John Humble of Waynesburg

Rain Day Umbrella Contest Winners
Participants are asked to bring a decorated umbrella in a Rain Day theme at the event to be judged.

1st Place winner receives $100.00 prize, 2nd place prize is $50.00 & 3rd Place prize is $25.00.

1st Place: Johni Yeager


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