2018 Rain Day Results

2018 Rain Watchers:
Boy Scout Troop 1280 & 1168 (NO Rain!!!)

Window Decorating Contest:
Sponsored by McCracken Pharmacy

First Prize is $100.00 plus ownership for one year of the coveted Golden Watering Can. Second Prize is $50.00 and the 3rd prize is $25.00. Honorable Mention gets a Rain Day Hat and Ribbon.
Ribbons were donated by Helen’s Happy Hounds.

1st Place: Honour Bound

2nd Place: Kalsey Insurance

3rd Place: Ruff Creek Crafts & Antiques/It's About Time

Honorable Mention: 5Kidz Kandy     

Jack McCracken Award:
Doug Wilson

Best Decorated Baby Rain Day Can
This year’s Special Events Donation from the Baby Rain Day proceeds were given to BOY SCOUT TROOP 1280 and 1168, who were the official Rain Watchers they received a Rain Day Patch as well. The remaining proceeds will go towards
next year’s Rain Day Festival.
Winner receives A $25.00 CASH PRIZE
Braylee Raine Phillips

2018 Baby Rain Day Contestants Winners
Sponsored by First Energy Foundation/West Penn Power
Winners received $100.00 CASH PRIZE, crown or tiara, title banner, and special gifts and the honor of representing Rain Day throughout the coming year. All Participants can pick up their cans and gifts at the Waynesburg Borough.

PRINCE: Tucker Cook
Parents are Breanna & Adam Cook of New Freeport

PRINCESS: Evee Loring
Parents are Maddie & Wes Loring of Jefferson, PA
KING: Gavin Hopkins
Parents are Amy & Jonathan Hopkins of Waynesburg

QUEEN: Reese Hopkins
Parents are Amy & Jonathan Hopkins of Waynesburg

Rain Day Umbrella Contest Winners
Participants are asked to bring a decorated umbrella in a Rain Day theme at the event to be judged.

1st Place winner receives $100.00 prize, 2nd place prize is $50.00 & 3rd Place prize is $25.00.

1st Place:  Kristen Coss-Rainbow Connections
2nd Place: Keira Lamp-Gloomy Day for the Rain Day Boys
3rd Place: Lucca Bella Jellots-Love it so much

2018 Diaper Derby Contest
1st Place: Kenzley Roberts
2nd Place: Norah Salosky
3rd Place: Breyer Scott Wilson


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